Close scrutiny of the water quality standards for chemical contaminants reveals that bottled water quality standards are the same as tap water standards.

-- International Bottled Water Association


U.S. Vehicles Gain Iraq Role

(via WaPo) Under pressure from Michigan lawmakers, the State Department says it will no longer use foreign vehicles for the rebuilding effort in Iraq, Rep. Joe Knollenberg said yesterday.

Knollenberg (R-Mich.) and four other members of Congress met with officials from the State Department last month after learning that the bureau in charge of policing Iraq told its contractors to buy Japanese sport-utility vehicles instead of American ones.

Yesterday Knollenberg said Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage assured him that any vehicles bought from now on will be American. "What he told me, in no uncertain terms, is that this business of not buying American vehicles is gone," Knollenberg said.


Arabic Diva Watch

Elissa Khoury's Ajmal Ihssas, which I wrote about previously, has been officially banned by the Egyptian censors and is not being shown on most Lebanese channels according to Al Bawaba. I noted earlier that while the video was a bit kissy-kissy, the truly racy part was the feminist undertones, with Elissa playing a dominant role over her lover. Notably, the Bawaba report completely overlooked this angle in its description of the video (not that I expected anything else).
The couple portray lots of love, caring, affections, and honesty in their relationship that is full of laughter and tenderness. Throughout the video, the couple display a kind of bond that is shared by a married one, in which they act out kissing scenes to show the closeness between them.

Watch the video here. If I had a Moveable Type blog with my own server space, I would host the video myself (hint, hint...If you contribute to Phaedo's slush fund it will be easier for me to move, since it will cost me money to change, to the tune of a hundred or so a year. Not that I'm poor or anything, but if I had people giving me money I would have less of an excuse to sit on my butt).

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